Your personal or professional visibility can be improved greatly by creating a website. However, if the thought of creating a website from scratch overwhelms you and you don't want to hire a web designer, there are some fantastic websites and tools that can do all the labor-intensive tasks for you.

To build a website for free, or want to take your business online new business without spending money, In this article, you will read best methods for easy and free website creation. Hopefully  by following the given steup you can create your first website completely free. 

​​​​​​​ However, this article will show you the quickest and most practical ways to put together a website for free if you have a concept for one and want to develop it without any restrictions. You can begin your work with the free version and upgrade it at a later time.

Start with CMS
Without technical expertise, a content management system makes it simple to produce and maintain the material on your website. Here are our best picks for free, user-friendly website builders with CMS that will enable you to launch your website rapidly.

Wix: One of the most Popular no-code website builders include The drag-and-drop function sets, Wix apart from competitors. This feature makes it much simpler to change web pages and offers a lot of freedom for users who want to personalize their site without coding by allowing you to shift about the position of a website's ad components, such as images and text, based on how you want them to appear.

Weebly: In addition to providing the same services as Wix, Weebly also has a free edition without a custom domain and a premium plan option that gives users the opportunity to upgrade to one. Weebly employs a structured editor rather than a drag-and-drop tool, so you arrange your web pages by columns and rows. Even though it could offer less freedom, a structured editor is frequently more than enough for a straightforward bespoke website. IS a managed host. On, we dont need to buy separate hosting. We can create own website and live on it directly

​​​​​​​ is NOT a host.WordPress is a free open source platform, which means you can build and publish a website, in addition to implementing tons of plugins, for free. However, keep in mind that you’ll need to either pay for web hosting or find a free web hosting provider Website builders like Wix, Weebly, and WordPress provide their services in addition to a subdomain without charge. Additionally, Wix and WordPress's free website builders may have some limitations, and their subscription versions give customers access to no adverts, more storage, better bandwidth, and additional features that improve the user experience overall. However, if you want a custom domain, you’ll still need to pay. To get a clear understanding about domain selection you can know more here Tips to select a domain

Signup with Website Builders:
Following your selection of a website builder, the subsequent stages are simple. You must first create an account using your email address, Google account, or Facebook. The kind of website you're building, such as an online store or a personal blog, may be requested of you.
If you decide to use Wix, you will be questioned on a variety of topics, such as the type of website you're creating and whether you have experience doing so. The Wix ADI (artificial design intelligence) or a template will thereafter be your options for creating your website. The Wix ADI route is less customizable and speedier. It will build a whole website for you with personalised graphics and text after you respond to a few questions. The use of templates still gives you a lot of website structure but also gives you many choices for customization, allowing you to create the website you want.

Creating an Account With Weebly
You'll be prompted to choose between building a website for business or personal usage after creating an account. You can only build a free website using Weebly if it is for personal use. Theme selection is required while choosing a personal website.
Depending on the purpose of your website, Weebly offers a variety of themes, including business portfolio, personal, event, and blog themes. You will be directed to Weebly's website editor after signing up. This is where you will create your website, including the text and photos. The headlines and typefaces, for example, will typically stay in place depending on the theme you select, but all other elements of the website are completely configurable.
After finishing your website to your satisfaction and deciding to publish it, click "publish" and choose your domain name. The URL for the free version will include "Weebly" (for example, ""), and if your requested domain name is already used, Weebly will provide you with choices for the paying versions.

Creating an Account With WordPress
Your name, email address, and username are required to create an account on WordPress. The next step is to choose a domain. Using the same illustration, WordPress will present you with accessible options that you may buy when you search for "domain name ." This is how the completely free version will appear: Naturally, this isn't exactly visually appealing or simple to remember, which is something to bear in mind and could make Weebly or Wix a more appealing option.